The information bellow is partially translated from aisp@ce Wikiwiki.

Image Skill card name Power Range Consumption Special effects Costume you get the skill from Notes
シューター シューターShooter 50 % 30 m 0.5 % Basic skill. It is the least water consuming skill of all. None. You start with this skill.


Pop shooter

50 % 25 m 1 % 3 shot skill. None. You start with this skill. It has a shorter range then the shotter, but you can move fast while using this skill.
クイックスター クイックスター
Quick star
90%*2 25 m 1 % Two discharges in forward direction.


Shrine maiden

Excellent leading skill in cost performance. The power at 2Hit can keep 90 percent of knuckle Barret, and because the consumptive use is a half, it is strong in the long war.
ラピッドファイア ラピッドファイア
Rapid fire
90 % 30 m 1.5 % When shot successively, the speed increases.

女教師 Female teacher

Good against slow opponents, like the paper type.

ナックルバレット Knuckle Barret

200 % 20 m 2 % A powerful shot with a splash effect, however it has a short range.


Cat girl / Dog girl

The range is narrow but the splash is effective. The skill is easily obtainable. This becomes a basic shot in the missions that have level recommendations around level 15 or more.

グレネーダ Gureneda

150 % 25 m 3 % Splash/critical rate increases.


Because the range of the splash is wide, it is especially effective for the paper type enemies, though it has the same consumption volume of water as the stardust.
ロックシューター 0

Lock shooter

100 % 60 m 2 % Early fire velocity.


It is easy to be the earliest to fire, and to apply the attack from a long distance.


50%*3 30 m 1 % Three discharge forward.


Gothic Lolita

Firing like the machine-gun in rapid succession is possible though it is inferior to a quick star in integrated power.

It is reliable because it becomes easy for abnormal states such as a critical, similar slowness and panics to apply on target if it is combined with this shot.


Shooting star

100 % 80 m 1.5 % Skill with the longest range distance. 朝倉音姫 Asakura Otohime

It takes an active part against the enemy sniper's, and gives fire support to the party. However, it is slow, so it's not easy to apply it.



120 % 30 m 3 % 100 % splash damage リシアンサスRishiansasu A large-scale bullet where a shot with a splash power of 100% is generated.
The hit judgment of the bullet is large, and is much wider than that of others.The launching interval is very slow. It is especially effective against the enemies of the box type.
Also useful when a lot of enemies gather.

Three star

120 % 25 m 3 % Three direction attack


Pop shooter's reinforced version.


100 % 60 m 5 % It penetrates through the enemy.


There are a lot of consumption of water, though the shot penetrates through opponents and has a long range.


Sky shot

75 % 40 m 3 % Search attack to lock point?

Natsume Rin

Attack that descends to aim point (senior person) or lock point (beginner) and is hit after shot launched in two directions rises. Skill that treatment is difficult because it is serious to match aim in senior person mode.It becomes considerably convenient when locking in the beginner mode though it depends in the state of the obstacle of the circumference.

Wide shot

80 % 20 m 8 % 17 direction attack

Hakurei Reimu

It launches the shots forward within the range of about 150°.Because consumption is intense and the range is short, you will shoot it while supplying water when cornered.


Laser beam

110 % 50 m 5 % It penetrates through the enemy.

Kirisame Marisa

A large-scale bullet where 100% splash is generated when penetrating through the enemy. Take care because its range is rather short compared to other long range shots.
It's a long distance version of stardust. However, the range of the splash is a little narrower than that of the stardust.

Six shot

110 % 30 m 5 % Six, slow bullets are shot in forward direction.

Kochiya Sanae

Six bullets with high density are launched forward.


Rodeo shot

80 % 20 m 5 % Search attack to lock point?


The skill that shoots the shot that falls aiming at the target after it rises in the air.Downward version of sky shot that lowers range and raises offensive power slightly.

Venus shot

1000 % 30 m 100 % 100% of the water in the tank is consumed.

Spaghetti western

The skill that shoots a strong shot that shoots all water.Skill can't be used if you have less then 100% water in your tank.There is a time lag up to shooting while preparing shooting, and it suffers while preparing shooting or shooting is canceled when dashing (Water doesn't decrease).Fuel cost is the worst, though the power of the shot is the highest.

The family heirloom

200 % 10 m 15 % A version of venus shot that suppresses power, range, and consumption.


Cheap edition of Venus shot.
There is a time lag (shorter than by Venus shot) up to shooting while preparing shooting, and it suffers while preparing shooting or shooting is canceled when dashing (Water doesn't decrease).

Nankai Overlord

140 % 10 m 3 % A cutting shot.


A shot that cuts the nearby enemy.
Shot that is a slower, lower powered and longer ranged version of knuckle barret, with higher consumption.
Is the red purple color of the bullet only for decoration?


120 % 15 m 5 % Shots a quick, semicircle blade.

Cao Cao



Sound wave

80 % 30 m 5 % Fires two or more bullets continuously like the a fan.

大場弥生 Yayoi Oba

Complete, high-ranking skill that suppresses consumption in two discharge. Successive version of wide shot with an extended range.
However, the launching corner is narrower than by wide shot.


Sweet slash

120 % 10 m 5 % Shots one sparkling sword.

柊茉莉 Matsuri Hiiragi


ヘビーバスター Heavy buster

150 % 15 m 3 %

藤林杏 Fujibayashi

レジストショット Resist shot

75 % 20 m 0.5 % A skill that shoots a high-speed bullet in a straight line, though the range is a bit short.

仲村ゆり Nakamura Yuri

Skill that lowers range distance of shooter, and improves power.
The water supply is effective for difficult long war.

シリアルクラッシュ Cereal crash

100 % 25 m 2.5 % Fires a lot of fast bullets.

坂上智代 Sakagami Tomoyo

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スターリートッカータ Stary toccata

80 % 30 m 3 % Skill that launches three continuous bullets in straight line.

メグッポイド Meguppoido


クインテットショット Quintet shot

100 % 20 m 4 % Skill that shoots small bullets at five directions like fan.



エンジェルスラッシュ Angels rush

115 % 10 m 2.5 % A shot that cuts in two.

立華かなで Kanade Tachibana


Psychic shot

60 % 15 m 1 % The shot bullet stops temporarily then turns towards the direction of the opponent.


The time that it stops temporarily is long. (For about two seconds.)
ホールドシューター ホールドシューターHolding shooter 80 % 10 m 10 % Shot that freezes opponent for a fixed time. エージェントAgent
ロイヤルチャーム ロイヤルチャームRoyal charm 40 % 20 m 5 % Launches six bullets with the state abnormality confusion.


Queen of harts

Confusion effect is 100% applied and lasts 15 seconds.The effect of confusion can be applied even if it is applied during the invincibility time of the target.
ヘビーアローHeavy arrow 100 % 20 m 2 % Three bullets with the state abnormality weakening are launched in three directions. シャドウトルーパーShadow trooper
V-h シールドShield 10 % 0.01 m 5 % Enemy's attacks are deflected.


Techno idol

Lasts for around 30 seconds.


Star bomb

130 % 0.01 m 20 % Land mine installation + shield.


Yui Kuroda

Lasts for around 30 seconds.


Mad domain

90 % 0.01 m 10 % Land mine installation with abnormal state effect

雪村杏Yukimura Anzu

Sets up a land mine which generates a random abnormal state when hit. It lasts for about one minute.
It has become not worth of use since the appearance of royal charm.


Aqua rondo

Recovers 60 % in total. The center of the person who put it up. 50 % Puts up a water supply point.

Hatsune Miku

Q- ヒールHeal One heart. 10 m in radius. 20 % Recovers 1 heart. (If getting hit while using the skill, the skill is canceled.) リシアンサスRishiansasu The number of people is not limited to the user only, it is effective for oneself and the party member within the effective range. Effective when all four people standing in the water supply point and recovering.

Cheering attack

- Around 20 m 20 % Improves the target's attack. 白河ななかShirakawa Nanaka The attack of the ally is increased for ten seconds.Consumption is very large, and as for the application to the character that moves about while combating, the treatment is almost difficult, nearly impossible. The ally is wrapped in a red aura like the flame for the duration of the effect.
ウォーターエイドWater aide - 20 m 30 % Divides your water and gives it to others. 月島小恋Tsukishima

45% is supplied to the tank of the hit ally.It is signaled by a sound if the shot is a success.

ミラクルクッキングMiracle cooking - 20 m 25 % Recovers the target's HP. (If getting hit while using the skill, the skill is canceled.) 朝倉由夢Asakura Yume HP of the hit ally is recovered.(If getting hit while using the skill, the skill is canceled.) Because enemy's offensive power is too high, you may think that there is little situation in which the skill is used.

キュアショットHealing shot

- 20 m 10 % HP of the target is recovered a little.(If getting hit while using the skill, the skill is canceled.)



HP of the hit ally is recovered.Cheap edition of miracle cooking.Lost hearts can't be recovered.

ウォーターケア ウォーターケアWater caring - 20 m 10 % Divides your water and gives it to others. チャイナChina dress 15% is supplied to the tank of the hit ally.Water aide's cheap edition.
スピードアシストSpeed assistance - 20 m 10 % The stamina of the object is made infinite. クドリャフカNomi Kudryavka

The stamina of the hit ally is infinitely made for 20 seconds.The hit ally is wrapped in a green aura like the forest during the time of the effect.

ヒーリングコンチェルトHealing concerto - 10 m 25 % HP is recovered and abnormal state of target is cured. 一ノ瀬ことみIchinose Kotomi HP is recovered and abnormal state of target is cured.The amount of the HP recovery is around three points.


Star shield

10 % 10 m 10 % Shield is put on the hit ally. 伊吹風子Ibuki Fuko A starfish type shield is put on the hit ally.



- - 10 % It makes your shot, seal the hit target with a 60% chance.



OE 0 グロウGlow - - 10 % It makes your shot put the target in a state of debility at a low probability for 120 seconds.


Shrine maiden

It damages the target around every three seconds. The given damage is shown in maximum HP of the object.
It is effective until heavy arrow is acquired.
XE スロウSlowness - - 10 % It makes your shot put the target in a glowing state at a low probability for 60 seconds. 女教師Female teacher Easiness to hit target goes up greatly successfully hit the target?
X-v スリープSleep - - 10 % It makes your shot put the target in a state of sleep at a low probability for 60 seconds. ゴスロリGothic Lolita
PjbN パニックPanic - - 10 % It makes your shot put the target in a state of chaos at a low probability for 60 seconds.


House maid

It temporarily becomes a behavioral incapacitation (It is not released even if it damages it). Compatibility with sleep and slowness.It is effective until royal charm is acquired.