Your character gets a phone when they are created. You can chat with friends who are at another location, send in-game mail, and keep various friends lists.

X Button (Upper right corner)

Closes the phone.

House Button

Takes you back to starting screen.


- Mail

Switches to Mail mode for recieving and sending mail.


- Address book

Lists Friends you have added. Currently there is a limit of 100 people.

- Friends' Circle
Mange a circle of friends. Multiple circles can be created and used to select friends for phone calls or messages.


- Secret

Doesn't seem to do anything yet, but reads "Himitsu" or "Secret"


Info to Come...

Friends' CircleEdit

Info to Come...

Address BookEdit

The Address Book lists people you have added to your friends.

If a Player is online, the


symbol shown on the left will be lit up.

You can click on any players name to open the "Send a Message" feature.

In the address book you can also cycle through categories.

全体 - This is all of your friends

ログイソ 中 - These are people who are logged in

オワライソ -I believe this is Offline people.