With registration and installation complete you are ready to play. The first time you login you will go through a character creation and a questionnaire.


Click on the executable to begin playing. Well, almost. First you're going to get the updater. If the button on the lower right labelled: スタート!meaning "Start!" is greyed out it means you need updates, they can take a while to begin downloading and installing or at least thats my experience from being on the east coast of the US. It can also mean the server is doing a scheduled maintence, which happens often on Thursday evenings in the US. Once that button turns blue, you can click it to begin.

Now you get the typical login screen. The fields are メールアドレス or "mail address" this is the email address you provided to register and パスワード meaning "password" likewise the password you provided when you registered. The buttons are ログイン, "login" and キャソセル, "cancel". Also the button with a key shape next to the email field allows the game to remember your email address if you click it.

Character CreationEdit

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Character Generation 1

Once you've logged in for the first time you'll start generating your character. Your options are fairly limited here but I'll go through them step by step. The first screen will ask you to choose a male or female character. The text reads: 世界にわ、男性・女性が存在します。何故かしら?あなたの性別を選んでね。 My translation: In the world there are male and female. Wonder why? Choose your gender. The buttons for choosing which are at the top left of the screen.

Ais 20100321 085000

Character Generation 2

Next is your height. You can choose between short, average, and tall. The girl's heights for each are significantly shorter than the boy's. The text reads: 背の高さは、どうしても気にしてしもうもの。あなたの理想の身長を選んでね。My translation: Tallness, surely such a thing doesn't matter. Choose your ideal height.

Ais 20100321 095153

Character Generation 3

Now for your facial expression. This also controls your eye color. There is one choice for boys that gives you blue eyes and one choice for girls that gives you green eyes, otherwise, you get brown. The text reads: 顔は、その人の人生を表すもの。あなたの素敵なお顔を選んでね。 My translation: The face is what expresses the life of a person. Choose your beautiful/cool face.
Ais 20100321 111959

Character Generation 4

On to the hairstyle. Sorry, no choices for long hair for boys, if that's what you prefer. The text reads: 髪型は、その人の性格を象徴するもの。あなたの性格にあった髪型を選んでね。 My translation: Hairstyle symbolizes the personality of a person. Choose a hairstyle that fits your personality.
Ais 20100321 125639

Character Generation 5

Now hair color. Boys get blue, black, brown, red, or blonde. For girls the blue is closer to purple, the brown is lighter and the red changes to pink. The text reads: 髪の色は、その人の心の色を写し出す鏡。あなたの心を写す髪の色を選んでね。 My translation: Hair color is the mirror that reflects the color of a persons heart. Choose the hair color that describes the color of your heart.
Ais 20100321 132959

Character Generation 6

That will do it for the first part. You can alter any of these settings before you click the button at the bottom right. Once you do that, you'l get one more chance to change your mind. The text here reads: これでよろしければ、右下にある「これでよし」をクリックしてね。まだ変更できるから考え直すのもありね。 My translation: If this is good, click the button at the bottom right labelled "This is good". You can still make modifications if you've reconsidered.
Ais 20100321 140912

Character Generation 7

Once you press the button you'll get a confirmation box that says: 本当に? or "Really?" This is your last chance to change what you've done so far. The buttons in this box are: はい and いいえ which are yes and no respectively. The text in the usual place reads: これで、あなたともお別れなのね・・・この姿に満足したら「はい」をクリックしてね。もし、不満なら「いいえ」をクリックしてもう一度選びなおしてね!! My Translation: From here on, even if you leave it's okay... If you are satisfied with this form click "yes". If you are unsatified click "no" and make changes again.

That's it for the first part. You'll get some splash screens of the sponsors and then you'll be aboard a train headed for Akihabara, the central of the four islands that make up the world. Before you get there though comes more questions...


It is uncertain if the questions that come next affect the game or not. A few questions will come up, a random selection from the ones below.

どこに住んでいますか? Where have you lived?
北海道 Hokkaido 東北 Northern six prefectures of Honshu
東京 Tokyo 中部 Chubu
甲信越 Koshinetsu 近畿 Kinki
中国 China 四国 Shikoku
九州 Kyushu 日本じゃない Not in Japan
学校は?As for school?
大学院 Graduate school 大学 University
短大生 Junior college 専門学校 Profesional school
高専 Technical college 高校 High school
中学 Junior high school 小学 Elementary school
学生完了 Student completion 学校はこれから As for school, this empty
自分の体が許せないのは? What do you dislike about your body?
顔が… Face 加齢臭が… Body odor of middle aged, but..
体脂肪が… Body fat メガネが… Glasses
おしりが… Rear end 脚が… Legs
頭皮が… Face skin 汗腺が… Sweat gland
全部いけてない… Pretty much everything... そんなものはない There aren't any such things
ペットを飼うことになりました。何を飼いますか?If you raised a pet, what type?
ネコ Cat 犬 Dog
ハムスター Hamster 小鳥 Small bird
ワニ Alligator カメ Turtle
サル Monkey ヘビ Snake
カブトムシ Japanese rhinoceros beetle 水虫 Water boatman, an insect
今日の昼食は? What are you having for lunch?
お弁当 Bento, japanese box lunch コンビニ Convenience store
サンドイッチ Sandwich おにぎり Rice ball
おでん Oden すし Sushi
お菓子 Candy 定食 Set meal or special of the day
ラーメン Chinese noodles 食べない Do not eat
朝起きたら、性別が逆になっていました。最初に何をしますか? If you switched gender as soon as you woke up, what would you do first?
すみずみのチェック Check every nook and cranny 歓喜の叫び Scream of joy
写真を撮る Take a picture 慌てる Panic
友達にみせる Show friends 通報する Report it
両親に連絡 Tell parents いろいろ試してみる Try lots of things
悩む Worry もう一度目を覚ます Wake up again
世界の中心で何を叫ぶ? What feeling would you shout inside the world?
恋 Love
真実 Truth/Reality 嫁の名前 Wife's Name
うらみ Resentment 懺悔 Confession
属性は? What is your (personality)attribute?
妹 Younger sister 病弱 Sickly
ツンデレ Hot-cold peronality type ヤンデレ
クーデレ 姉 Older sister
メガネ Glasses ドジっ子
兄 Older brother 弟 Younger brother
ランドセルは何色ですか? What color is your school bag?
まっ赤 Red 黒 Black
ブルー Blue イエロー Yellow
グリーン Green ピンク Pink
グレー Grey オレンジ Orange
正体不明の赤い発光体が迫っています。どうしますか? If you see something red and glowy, what do you do?
全力で逃げる Use all your strength to run away 詳しく観察する Observe in detail
ホタルでしょう It's probably fireflies 叩き潰す Destroy it
隠れる Hide 微笑む Smile
手を振る Wave at it 叫ぶ Shout or cry
今、何問目? Now, what question is this?
忘れた! I forgot! 1問目 1st question
2問目 2nd guestion 3問目 3rd question
4問目 4th question 5問目 5th question
最終問題 Last question 問題ない Not a question
一番大切なものは? What is most important to you?
両親 Parents 夢 Dream
音楽 Music 夢 Dream
友情 Friendship 平和 Peace
時間 Time インターネット Internet
愛 Love アイスペース Ai Sp@ce
あいつは、最強のライバルですか? Is he/she a strong rival?
あいつって誰? Who is he/she? はい Yes
いいえ No そこそこ Kind of
お仕事は? What do you do for work?
会社員 Office worker 会社経営 Company management
公務員 Government employee 自営業 Family operated business
フリーター Part-time work 無職 Inoccupation
ボランティア Volunteer 主婦 Housewife
学生 Student 定年退職 Retired
秋葉原といえば? What comes to mind when Akihabara is mentioned?
アニメ Animation ゲーム Game
PC コスプレ Costume play
おでん缶 Oden can UDX A tall building in Akihabara
メイド Maid 電化製品 Electronic products
外国人 Foreigner 聖地 Sanctuary or sacred place
バンドをやる事になりました。あなたの担当は?If you were in a band, what part would you play?
ボーカル Vocal ギター Guitar
ベース Bass ドラム Drum
マネージャー Manager タンバリン Tambourine
ここは、どこですか?Where are you at?
日本 Japan 地球 Earth
太陽系 Solar System 自分の部屋 Your own room
ネットカフェ Internet cafe スペースコロニー Space colony
二次元 Two dimensions 夢の国 Country of dream
年齢を教えてください Tell what age, please
12歳以下 12 years old or less 12~15歳 12 - 15 years
15~17歳 15 - 17 years 18~20歳 18 - 20 years
21~24歳 21 - 24 years 25~29歳 25 - 29 years
30~34歳 30 - 34 years 35~40歳 35 - 40 years
40~45歳 40 - 45 years 45歳以上 45 years or older