This scene takes place in your room, after the unlocking scene, and I think there's another scene after it where you just talk with your charadoll. The scene starts with the doorbell ringing.

(The full dialog tree isn't here, just the options I picked when I went through this scene. -- Tasunke)

[doorbell rings]

燐の声 「お邪魔するわよ~」

Rin's voice: "I'm coming in!"

燐 「調子はどう?」

Rin: "How are you doing?" (lit: How's your condition?)

Charadoll: 「私ですか?」 "Me?"

燐 「そそっ、ちゃんとジョイントしてる~?」

Rin: "Yeah yeah. Did you 'joint' properly?"

Charadoll: 「それは……はい」 "That is.... yeah."

Charadoll: 「マスターにはいつも……その…… してもらっております」

"Master always... umm.... gives me the pleasure of doing so."

燐 「あらあら、おアツイことで」

Rin: Oh my, aren't we hot and heavy. [Said in an amused tone.]

燐 「ま、それならいいんだけど」

Rin: But that's a good thing.

Charadoll: 「ご用件は、それだけでしょうか?」

"Was that the only thing you stopped by for?"

燐 「ううん、まっさか~。あんたの調子を 見るだけなら、ジョイントしに外神田事務所に 来たときにでも聞くわよ」

Rin: No, of course not. I came to check on how things were going and to ask when you were going to come down to the Sotokanda office.

燐 「今日来たのは、ちょっと……ね。 最近、妙な事が起きてるからね……」

Rin: Coming down today would be a bit bothersome... wouldn't it? Because of all the wierd happenings lately....



影がらみ? [About the shadows?]

Picked 影がらみ?

燐 「『影』が絡んでるかは…… まだちょっと分かんないわね」

Rin: We don't quite understand what the connection with the shadows is yet. (Incidentally, she read 影 as "shadow," not 「かげ」.)

燐 「でも、可能性は低くない……と思う」

Rin: But that's quite possible... I think.

燐 「実はさ、最近の話なんだけど――」

Rin: Actually, we've been talking lately...

燐 「ダ・カーポ島、クラナド島、シャッフル島、各 島で『悪夢』を見る生徒が増えてるらしいの」

Rin: And on Da Capo Island, Clannad Island, and Shuffle Island, the number of people seeing "nightmares" on each island seems to be multiplying.

燐 「まあ、だからどうしたってわけじゃないけどさ」

Rin: Anyway, I don't mean to say that's the cause.

燐 「でも『悪夢』が原因で寝不足になって、 保健室に運ばれる人も…… 1人や2人じゃないみたいなのよね」

Rin: But the "nightmares" seem to be primarily causing a lack of sleep, with people coming to the school infirmaries about it, and it's not just 1 or two 2 people, either.

燐 「だから、ホントはキャラドルだけじゃなくて、 あんたの様子も見に来たってわけ」

Rin: So I really came to check up on not just the charadoll, but how you're doing as well.

燐 「まあ、一応、ここを斡旋してるのは外神田 だからね……やっぱ、店子の事は 気にかけておかないとまずいでしょ」

Rin: Well, in short, this place is managed by Sotokanda. Because of that.... it really would be bad to not check up on our tenants after all, wouldn't it?

燐 「ま、そういうわけだから……あんたの調子は?」

Rin: So, with that said.... how are you doing?

燐 「……ま、大丈夫なのは見て分かるか」

Rin: Well, I can tell you're okay just by looking at you.


実は調子が…… [To tell you the truth, I'm.... (Lit: my condition is...)]

問題なし [No problem]

Chose 問題なし

燐 「うんうん、あたしの見立てどおりね」

Rin: Right, right, just like my diagnosis.

燐 「ま、問題ないならいいんだけどさ」

Rin: Well, if there's no problems, that's good.

燐 「でも……何だか不気味な話だと思わない?」

Rin: Don't you think it's a somewhat ominous story?


悪夢の内容は?[What's the nightmare about?]

……不気味だね [.... Definitely ominous.]

Chose 悪夢の内容は?

燐 「『悪夢』の具体的な内容は、 あたしは分かんないけど……」

Rin: I don't have any solid details, but....

燐 「『悪夢』っていうくらいだし、 あんまし良い内容とは思えないよね」

Rin: Since they're calling it a nightmare, what happens in it is probably not very good.

燐 「ま、そういうわけだから――」

Rin: Well, that being said....

燐 「ちょっと調べてくんない?」

Rin: Could you investigate a bit further?

燐 「だって、不気味だし、やな予感とかしない?」

Rin: Because with that ominous feeling, isn't it like a bad premonotion or something?


……別に? [Not really?]

まあ、確かに [Well, certainly]

Chose まあ、確かに

燐 「でしょでしょ?」

Rin: You think so too?

燐 「それにさ、あんたと、あんたのキャラドルも、 このまま無関係でいられるって保証もないし」

Rin: Furthermore, I can't guarantee that you and your charadoll would be able to remain unaffected by this as things are now.

燐 「ま、気が向いたら、1回各島の様子見てきてよ」

Rin: Well, when you're up for it, go check out how things are once on each island.

燐 「じゃね。邪魔したわね」

Rin: See ya. I'll be leaving now.

[Rin leaves]

Charadoll: 「……騒がしい方ですね」 ".... Well, she's a noisy person, isn't she?"

Charadoll: 「それで……先ほどのお話、どういたしますか?」

"That being said... what are you going to do about that conversation just now?"

Charadoll 「やはり、早急に各島を調査いたしますか?」

"Are you going to actually going to rush out and check on the condition of each of the islands?"


そうだね [Yeah]

ま、そのうち [Well, sooner or later...]

見てきた方がいいかな? [I wonder if I have to go look?]

Picked ま、そのうち

Charadoll: 「了解しました」 "Understood."

Charadoll: 「このまま、何もなければよいのですが……」

"I wonder if everything will be okay like this."