In Japanese, アルバイト (arubaito, from the German word Arbeit), is the word for a part-time job.

In aisp@ce, aiばいと (ai Baito) is a way to make money on the side doing odd jobs.

There are currently three different kinds of Baito: Livening up the Party, Shop Delivery Assistance, and Collecting Critters.

Livening up the Party Edit

Japanese Title: 盛り上げ隊

Quest giver: 外神田盛り上げ隊 隊員

Details:   (This job involves doing emotes repeatedly in various areas).

Talk to Rin 「燐」 at the South of Akihabara (The 1st time it'll allow you to start 増殖された生物の捕獲 quest also known as Collecting Critter quest) ↓

Go to Akihabara UDX and talk to a NPC named 外神田盛り上げ隊 隊員

  • There's 6 point of area you have to do some different emotion
  • Among the 6 point, there's 2 point are from the 3 different islands and 2 point are from the 3 different school.
  • Each point only can be done once a day only.

Do the quest at:

  each point - will earn 200D

  all point  - will earn total 1200D

No. Area Emotion More detail on the location
1 UDX Akiba Bridge Waving 『手を振る』 On the bridge which are able to see the T road. (Standing beside the railing)
2 UDX under the big "Screen" Waving 『手を振る』 Under the Screen (Standing beside the railing)
3 Each island mall Clap 『拍手』 In front of the screen.

Under the "Screen"

of the shopping district

Scrounge 『おねだり』 or


5 School

(DC,CL) Joy 『ガッツポーズ』

(SH) Scrounge 『おねだり』

(DC,CL) Ground, standing on the morning assembly unit.

(SH) Around the water fountain.

6 Ground Sit 『座る』 Around the grid (not in the mass)


1. Every emotion at each point have to do 5 times. (It is allowed to hold the key for several second to do the emotion)

2.When success to done the emotion at every each point, there will be 『』 coming out on the head, and the window messages News will be showing the corresponding number.  Example: 外神田盛り上げ隊に協力した!(1)

3. The 3rd-6th task can be done on each island, not just on 1, but the 5th differs depending on the island. If it's DC or CL island, than the location is standing on the morning assembly unit, and the emotion is Joy『ガッツポーズ』. If it's SH island, then there is no morning assembly unit, but instead a water fountain. If you want to do the 5th task at SH island's school, you need to be around the water fountain and do Scrounge 『おねだり』.

Screenshot of some point location:

UDX Akiba Bridge
UDX Akiba Bridge


UDX under screen
UDX under screen

Each island mall
Each island mall

Under the "Screen"
Under the Screen


  • -ent-nbsp;Shuffle
    Around the water fountain

  • DC and CLANNAD
    Ais 20101001 105955


Standing on the morning assembly unit.

Around the grid

外神田盛り上げ隊 隊員
After all the emotion are done, talk to NPC 外神田盛り上げ隊 隊員 and you'll receive the Dere (in game money).

Shop Delivery AssistanceEdit

Japanese Title: 各店への配達手伝い

In the shopping district of each island you can find the NPC 外神田配達員. He is located near the train station official. 外神田配達員 offers delivery jobs for whichever island shopping district you talk to him in. You can do up to ten jobs for him per day and get 100D per job for a total of 1000D. The limit of 10 jobs per day includes all islands, it is not 10 per island.

When talking to 外神田配達員, select the top option to take the job. As you continue to talk to him he will give you the store keepers name. The assignment of the delivery seems to be random. Go talk to the mentioned store keeper and then return and talk to 外神田配達員. He will pay you 100D and offer another job, if you haven't reached your limit.

There is a random chance of a storekeeper giving you an item as well. It is believed that the island the store keeper is on determines the color.


Gift item Color
家具のKAGUYA Round Table Black White Brown
Moonscape Sunbeam Dress Pink Dark Blue Brown
はっとらっく Knit Hat Black White Navy
Amethyst Blue-green Black Crimson Green
こねこ屋ランジェリー Pretty brassiere Pink White Yellow
エニシングShoes Mouton boots Beige White Brown
雑貨店 Candy knit muffler Red White Green
Sunlight Male Easy Underpants Grey Khaki Black

Collecting CrittersEdit

Japanese Title: 増殖された生物の捕獲

Critters are reproducing, and need to be caught and brought in.


各島で何か起きてる? (What's going on on each island?)

To be able to start the quest, you have to talk to Rin 「燐」first at the South of Akihabara. Talk to her until you get the following choice "各島で何か起きてる?" (What's going on on each island?). Select that option to unlock critter collecting baito.

Go to the island of your choice, and find the NPC named aiばいと担当職員 in the shopping district. Talk to them to get a sachet (においぶくろ). This sachet can hold one critter. Go to the school grounds of the same island, and start looking! On Clannad island you're looking for Dango, Da Capo island has small dogs, and Shuffle island has kittens. Approach a critter and click on it to capture it.

There will be a counter on the top-left area of your screen showing the total number of critters on the school grounds for that channel. There are a total of 200 critters per island, divided among the channels. Once you catch one, your information log will pop up, telling you how many critters have been caught so far, out of the total 200, counting the one you just grabbed.

Return to the shopping district and turn in your critter-filled sachet to the aiばいと担当職員 to receive your pay. At the end of the dialog, she'll ask you if you want to go out and catch more. The top option will give you a new sachet, and you can go out again to catch another one. You can catch up to 20 per day. The pay you earn is based on what number your critter is, and its rarity. Near the end, they will be harder to find, but worth more when you can get one. Good luck!

Da Capo island

Catch the dogs(はりまお)!

※Notice the small bandana on its neck to determine the colour

  • Rare degree
Normal Rather Normal Rare
Red Bandana Blue Bandana Yellow Bandana
Akahari Aohari Kihari

Appearance Location:

Baito kazami

Clannad island

Catch the Dango(だんご)!

  • Rare degree
Normal Rather Normal Rare
Blue Dango Bright green Dango Pink Dango
Aodango Kusadango Pinkdango

Appearance Location:

Baito kousaka

Shuffle island

Catch the white, black and tiger cats!

  • Rare degree
Normal Rather Normal Rare
White cat(白玉) Black cat(黒玉) Tiger cat(茶虎)
Shiratama Kurotama Toratama

Appearance Location:

Baito babena


Pay ChartEdit

Number Payment(D)
Common Uncommon Rare
1 - 149 100 300 1000
150 - 179 200 400 1234
180 - 193 400 600 1919
194 - 196 800 1500 2525
197 - 198 1200 2525 5656
199 2525 5000 12345
200 5000 10000 100000
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